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Photo in the New York Times

Congrats to Kerry and Matt, who just got married last weekend! You may recall their baseball themed engagement session last fall. I am so giddy about seeing their picture that I took in in the New York Times! The Times is one of my favorite newspapers, and every so often I will read the featured celebration in the Weddings section because I love to read about how they met and how they overcame the bumps they experienced in their relationship. Sometimes when there’s a lot of depressing news being reported, it’s nice to flip to the Weddings section and read a happy ending.

Photo in the New York Times wedding section

Brides, if you are planning to submit a wedding announcement in any newspaper, read their guidelines carefully before your engagement session so you know exactly what they want. You don’t want to risk rejection just because your picture does not fit their standards. The New York Times has a set format and very specific guidelines. For example, the eyebrows of the couple are supposed to be on the same level (I kid you not! It actually says that!). So it’s difficult if one person is taller than the other! I had them sitting down, which helped some, and it took a few tries to get it right but we did it!

What makes it extra special is that their wedding announcement is featured prominently with their photo and not lumped into the “More weddings and celebrations” section that you see below in the bottom left (there were more but I cut it off in the screenshot). It is quite an honor to get featured, especially in June which is one of the busiest months for weddings! Here is the link to the original article.

Wedding announcement in the New York Times


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