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Sam Adams Brewery

My friend Phil was in town this week, so we decided to take a tour of the Sam Adams Brewery. I rarely ever drink (I can’t remember the last time I’ve had beer…years perhaps?), but I love touring factories. I also read that the tour was really interesting and informative, so I was excited to visit.

When we first arrived at the brewery, it was really small. The brewery shares space with other companies and restaurants, so finding the tour building wasn’t that easy. It wasn’t until we took the tour that we found out that most of the beer is bottled in Pennsylvania and Ohio, and the brewery in Boston is mainly for PR.

Here is our tour guide in the first room of the tour, where we got to sample three different kinds of barley and smell hops. The dried green herbs below are hops.


The first barley we sampled tasted like Grape Nuts, the second type tasted like toast, and the third barley tasted like coffee. I think the barley is all the same but they were all roasted differently.


This was the second and last room of the tour (if you don’t count the bar afterwards). This is the entire brewery!! There’s no bottling center here, so the beer they brew here goes into kegs.

Sam Adams brewery tour

When we first entered the bar area, there were pitchers of beer on the counter, so everyone thought it was self-serve. Then the tour guide came in a few minutes later and freaked out because we were supposed to wait for her to pass them out to each table, and by then, most of the beer was gone already. Haha!

pouring beer

We each got a 7 oz. souvenir glass that was filled up 3 times with (from left to right) Boston Lager, Octoberfest, and 6 AM pale ale. The 6 AM pale ale is a beer that was brewed by one of their employees, so it’s not for sale. It’s called 6 AM because it was brewed with coffee, and you can really taste the coffee!


There was also a lesson on beer tasting at the end. This is when we all held up our glasses and looked at the clarity of the beer. Cheers!

looking at the beer

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