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Fruit picking at Gilcrease Orchard

You wouldn’t think that you can grow fruits and vegetables in the deserts of Las Vegas given the extremely hot climate and lack of soil.  It completely defies logic.  But there is a hidden gem in Vegas called Gilcrease Orchard, and as far as I know, it’s the only place in town where you can pick your own produce.  It’s been around for 90 years too!  Water regulations are now a lot stricter so it’s impossible to start a farm like this in Vegas now.

My friend Meg Ruth and I took a trip out there because we’ve both never been.  Unfortunately we picked one of the worst days to go when the temperature was a scorching 110 degrees!  But we had so much fun it was worth it even in the heat!  The place is so much larger than I had imagined!  They have 60 acres of land and rows and rows of veggies.  I was so excited to see that so much stuff could be grown here, and that I had access to right off the vine fresh produce.  Yes, we do have farmer markets too which I love too, but most of the produce at farmer markets here are actually from California.

When we visited, the summer squash and zucchini were ripe for picking.  Meg has a great eye for finding them and managed to find some giant zucchini!

giant zucchini at Gilcrease Orchard in Las Vegas

The okra flowers were still in bloom and were just starting to grow.  You can see little pointy stubs that are just starting to grow.  I don’t know what variety of eggplant these are, but they are super cute and about the same size as a large tomato.

pears, eggplant, and okra at Gilcrease Orchard

Some zucchini blossoms and gala apples.

zucchini flowers and apples

They have apple trees, pear trees, apricot trees, fig trees, and peach trees.  The figs were just starting to grow and I can’t wait to go back and pick some!  I never liked figs until I tried them from a neighbor who had a fig tree.  They tasted like honey!  The supermarket ones never compare and are never as sweet.

apple and peach picking at Gilcrease Orchard in Las Vegas

It’s so funny that these pears were growing all in a row in a straight line!

pick your own fruit at Gilcrease

Here’s Meg uploading her pics of pear trees to Instagram.

Meg Ruth taking pictures and picking fruit at Gilcrease

Some of my pears that I brought home.  Aren’t the colors just gorgeous?!

pears from Gilcrease Orchard

 I’ll definitely be coming back to Gilcrease and bring more friends! You can see more pictures on Meg’s blog!

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